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  • Cost Saving - Replacing your old server is always costly when it comes to new hardware and compatibility configuration. Save this cost for better business expansion by using our service to help you to migrate/upgrade to cloud server.
  • Less Trouble - Maintain a server hardware can cause you a lot of trouble by server downtime, faulty parts replacement and disaster recovery. Move to cloud is always a good option to have high uptime and escape from all the hardware problem.
  • Future Expansion - Business can pick up any time when the winds blows. Moving your server to new office/ Setup VPN for different branch/ Storage or computing power upgrade can always cause nightmare. Cloud is the best option to keep out from all these troubles.

What we do

  • Upgrade - Replacing your old server with cloud server, upgrade your OS and system software to latest in the cloud.
  • Migrate - Keep you out from hardware problem by migrating your server and system software to cloud.
  • Maintain - Maintain your server by sign up our maintenance and support package.
  • Support - Support your cloud system for all the issue faced by sign up our maintenance and support package.  

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